How Your Tax Refund Can Help You Buy a Home

Your tax refund could be the answer you have been waiting for in making your dream of owning a home come true.

  • Closing Costs
  • Down Payment
  • Moving Costs
  • Future Tax benefits including mortgage interest deduction!

With interest rates still at historic lows, buying a home is as affordable as ever.
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10 Tips For Portland First Time Home Buyers

10 Tips for Portland First Time Home Buyers

First Time Home Buying Tip #1:

Engage the services of an experienced Buyers Agent to represent you!

Find a Portland Realtor® who has experience representing Buyers. This is especially useful for first time buyers in Portland. Preferably engage the services of a Buyers Broker. Better still try to hire an Exclusive Buyers Agent. Exclusive Buyers Agents work ONLY with Home Buyers, never sellers! [Read more…]

Condos for Sale in Portland With a Good Walk Score

Condos for sale in North PortlandWhenever I’m representing a client who is looking for a condo for sale in the Portland area, one for main criteria is a good Walk Score.
A good Walk Score is many things to many people.
Some of my clients are looking for condos for Sale in Portland with a good Walk Score and they are looking for: [Read more…]

Are You a Medical Doctor in the Portland Metro Area Looking for a Physician Loan?

We all know that becoming a medical doctor took a lot of time and hard work and cha’ching . . . money! Most mortgage lenders will look at those . . . oh, gosh . . . I hate to say the dirty word — student loans — when qualifying a borrower.
If you’re a medical doctor looking to purchase a home in the Portland Metro area the best option is a Physician Loan. [Read more…]

Buying an Inexpensive Luxury Home In the Portland Metro Area

Luxury Homes for sale in Lake OswegoMaybe the title of this post should be buying a Luxury Home inexpensively, or Buying a Luxury Home Cheaply . . .
The point is, if you are considering the purchase of a Luxury homes for sale in the Portland Metro real estate market now is a very good time for buying a cheap luxury home. [Read more…]