New Homes For Sale in Estacada New Construction

Summer Falls 005The City of Estacada is located approximately 45 minutes outside of Downtown Portland proper.

While the New Homes for Sale in Estacada makes sense for many commuters, primarily those that work in areas of SE Portland, Oregon City, Milwaukie.

The commute is GREAT to these areas. Oregon City, during rush hour clocks in at 20 minutes!

Think a little outside the box!!

New Construction in Estatcada offers USDA loan terms . . . which is a ZERO DOWN program! [Read more…]

Million Dollar Listings Homes for Sale in Portland

Luxury Homes for sale in Lake OswegoThe Million Dollar listings of homes for sale in Portland has the current inventory about 200 in the Portland proper section.

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This does not take into account the other million dollar listings of homes for sale in the Portland Metro area including, million dollar listings in Lake Oswego, West Linn, and other areas of the Portland Metro real estate market. [Read more…]

January 2014 Portland Real Estate Market

When Is It a Good Time to Buy a HouseEach month I post the results of the Credit Suisse survey of real estate agents.

From the Portland Metro information, which is found on Page 29, my take is: Sellers need to be getting a jump on Spring 2014. [Read more…]

Real Estate Review 2013 Portland Metro Homes For Sale

When looking back at the 2013 Portland Metro Homes for Sale, we see the following:

2013 Market Review Homes for Sale Portland Metro
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Real Estate Review of the 2013 Portland Metro Homes for Sale Market

This graph shows a very strong Portland Metro Real Estate Market in 2013. The totals are as follows:

Total Short Sale SOLD: 3,636 [8.1% of the market]

Total Bank Owned SOLD; 3,172 [7.0% of the market]

Total Non-Distressed SOLD: 38,283 [84.9% of the market]

The numbers are showing that nearly 85% of the entire Portland Metro real estate market had SOLD sales in the non-distressed category. [Read more…]

Credit Suisse Monthly Results of Real Estate Agents December 2013 Survey

Real Estate Supply DemandFor as long as I can remember, I’ve been posting the Credit Suisse Monthly Results of Real Estate Agents and here are their findings which were extrapolated from their December 2013 Survey. [Read more…]