Are You a Medical Doctor in the Portland Metro Area Looking for a Physician Loan?

We all know that becoming a medical doctor took a lot of time and hard work and cha’ching . . . money! Most mortgage lenders will look at those . . . oh, gosh . . . I hate to say the dirty word — student loans — when qualifying a borrower.
If you’re a medical doctor looking to purchase a home in the Portland Metro area the best option is a Physician Loan. [Read more…]

Top 5 Portland Metro Neighborhoods

Top 5 Portland Metro Neighborhoods

Summer Events in BevertonAccording to the Portland Business Journal the 3rd Qtr has ranked 25 of Portland Metro Neighborhoods. As I was looking through the article, I noticed that some “neighborhoods” were actually cities.

Although it’s interesting to see what’s selling in the Portland Metro real estate market, I opted to select my own Top 5 Portland Metro Neighborhoods based on neighborhoods. Tomorrow I’ll post about the Top 5 Portland Metro Cities. [Read more…]

Want to Buy a House? Top 5 Things You Need to Know

Buyers Agent Portland ads 400p x 350pRGBBuying a house is not, and I repeat is NOT, an “as seen on TV” process. [Read more…]

Homes for Sale in SE Portland Under $250000

Homes for Sale in SE Portland Under $250000

Irvington 002The SE Portland market is not slowing down as one might expect when going into the new year and Spring.

From the looks of it, even though the weather is getting warmer, the homes for sale in SE Portland Under $250000 are in high demand. [Read more…]

Client Closed on New Construction ~ Less Than $4,000 Moved Her In

Discussing the floor-plan with the subcontractor
With long awaited anticipation, my client closed on her new home.
And it is literally . . . a new home. A brand, spanking new one.
With long await anticipation, my client closed on her new home. And it’s literally a new home . . . brand spanking new!
Early in July last year I received a call from a buyer who wanted to find an Exclusive Buyers Agent to consult with. We met on one of the hottest days of the year . . . but a great conversation about home buying with a very motivated buyer.

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We began working together in July last year. We went out touring several different times and during our preview of homes I got to know her and what she really wanted to find in a home. [Read more…]