How Your Tax Refund Can Help You Buy a Home

Your tax refund could be the answer you have been waiting for in making your dream of owning a home come true.

  • Closing Costs
  • Down Payment
  • Moving Costs
  • Future Tax benefits including mortgage interest deduction!

With interest rates still at historic lows, buying a home is as affordable as ever.
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10 Tips For Portland First Time Home Buyers

10 Tips for Portland First Time Home Buyers

First Time Home Buying Tip #1:

Engage the services of an experienced Buyers Agent to represent you!

Find a Portland Realtor® who has experience representing Buyers. This is especially useful for first time buyers in Portland. Preferably engage the services of a Buyers Broker. Better still try to hire an Exclusive Buyers Agent. Exclusive Buyers Agents work ONLY with Home Buyers, never sellers! [Read more…]

Homes for Sale in Beaverton Under $250,000

Homes for Sale in Beaverton Under $250000When I first started out in real estate in 1999 the first time buyer price cut-off was about $150,000.
However, when I first relocated to the Portland Metro area in 1990, I could buy a 3 bed / 2 bath home in Beaverton, brand new for $89,000!
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Want to Buy a House? Top 5 Things You Need to Know

Buyers Agent Portland ads 400p x 350pRGBBuying a house is not, and I repeat is NOT, an “as seen on TV” process. [Read more…]

Client Closed on New Construction ~ Less Than $4,000 Moved Her In

Discussing the floor-plan with the subcontractor
With long awaited anticipation, my client closed on her new home.
And it is literally . . . a new home. A brand, spanking new one.
With long await anticipation, my client closed on her new home. And it’s literally a new home . . . brand spanking new!
Early in July last year I received a call from a buyer who wanted to find an Exclusive Buyers Agent to consult with. We met on one of the hottest days of the year . . . but a great conversation about home buying with a very motivated buyer.

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We began working together in July last year. We went out touring several different times and during our preview of homes I got to know her and what she really wanted to find in a home. [Read more…]