The Alphabet Blocks

Condos For Sale in The Alphabet Blocks

The Alphabet Blocks, also known as the Alphabet District, is an ulta-trendy area in NW Portland known for restaurants, boutiques, antique shops, bookstores, second hand thrifts, pubs (featuring the areas micro-brews). Alder (which doesn’t run / transverse the City as Burnside), Burnside, Couch (pronounced COO-ch), Davis, Everett, Flanders, Glisan, Hoyt, Irving, Johnson, Kearney, Lovejoy, Marshall, Northrup, Overton, Pettygrove, Quimby Raleigh, Savier, Thurman, Upshur, Vaughn, Wilson . .. and X Y Z apparently didn’t exist in those day of yore — since we don’t have any more Alphabet Blocks street names for those renegade letters.

Condos for Sale in the Alphabet Blocks

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