Finding the Best Real Estate Agent in Beaverton

The Best Real Estate Agent in Beaverton

Buyers are turning to Buyers Agents for their home purchase which is a good thing. They are realizing that the best real estate, when buying a home, may not be the listing agent — the agent who works for the sellers.


The listing agent works for, and is under contract with, the sellers. Listing agents don’t always make the best real estate agents for Beaverton buyers.

WARNING:  There is an inherent conflict of interest when a Buyer goes to the Listing Agent on a listed property for Sale. The Listing Agents’  objective is: to sell the home in the least amount of time, for the most profitable net gain to their clients – the sellers.

Simple Stated:  The Best Real Estate Agent in Beaverton works for you!

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Tips for Finding the Best Real Estate Agent in Beaverton

Tip #1 — The best real estate agent is going to be one that you want to represent you. Remember, a real estate agent will be your representative in the real estate transaction.  They will talk to you confidentially about what your price range is, will hold your best interests at the forefront. You want to find the best real estate agent in Beaverton who will represent you to the fullest in the real estate transaction.

Tip #2 — The best real estate agent will be an agent you can trust.  Trust is not taken lightly when I represent clients.  The best compliment I can get is when one of my clients says:  We trust you!  When we communicate information back and forth . . . could be about the property, or what the listing agents inform us, or when we detail the market conditions . . . the best real estate agent in Beaverton is going to be the agent you trust with your home purchase!

Tip #3 — The best real estate agent acts as your fiduciary.  A “Fiduciary” is a licensed professional who acts in your behalf during a transaction.  A lawyer is a fiduciary when they represent you.  Or, an accountant who prepares financial documents in your behalf is an acting fiduciary.  The best real estate agent is going to know what their fiduciary duties are to YOU — the buyer and respect those duties.

The Fiduciary:  The relationship between an agent and a client is called a fiduciary relationship. Fiduciary means faithful servant, and an agent is a fiduciary of the client.  In real estate, a broker or a salesperson has a fiduciary duty to their client, but there is NO fiduciary duty when the real estate broker is the listing agent AND the buyer’s agent.  This is a dual agent situation — there is NO FIDUCIARY DUTY to either the seller or buyer.

The best real estate agent in Beaverton owes clients certain fiduciary duties:

  • Accounting: The agent must account for all funds entrusted to her and not commingle (combine) client/customer funds with her personal and /or business funds.
  • Care: The agent must use all of her skills to the best of her ability on behalf of the client.
  • Confidentiality: The agent must keep confidential any information given to her by her client, especially information that may be damaging to the client in a negotiation.
  • Disclosure: The agent must disclose to the client any information she receives that may benefit the client’s position in a negotiation.
  • Loyalty: The agent owes undivided loyalty to the client and put the client’s interests above her own.
  • Obedience: The agent must obey all lawful orders that the client gives her.

The Best Real Estate Agent in Beaverton Works for YOU!


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