Moving to Portland

Moving to Portland

Moving Portland – In July 1990 I did just that! I relocated to the Metro Portland area from Los Angeles and it was the best move I’ve ever made. Of course, I didn’t understand the lay of the land or the commutes or the easiest way to get from Beaverton to Portland. I learned.

Taking Pride in Helping Relocation Buyers With Their Move to Portland

When representing Buyers moving to Portland I take great pride in ensuring a few particulars:

  • My clients become acclimated to the Portland neighborhoods BEFORE they make a decision to purchase
  • My clients are familiar with unique Portland neighborhoods BEFORE they make a decision to purchase
  • My clients understand the Portland commute patterns during the morning and evening rush hours
  • Helping my clients identify Portland areas, Portland neighborhoods are a first priority . . . then honing in on properties that make sense to their life

No matter what your decisions might be, the Portland Oregon area is one of the nation’s best-kept secrets. From the Downtown Center City, drive due west for about one hour and hit the Oregon Coast.

Not into the sand and salt-sea air? Drive about one hour due east and hit the slopes! Mt. Hood is opened yearlong. Are you into hiking, biking, and wine tasting? We have it all!

So you’re contemplating moving to Portland, Oregon?

Perhaps you’ve landed a job and are relocating due to employment related reasons?

Or, maybe the affordable cost of living brings you to town, especially if you’re moving up from California, or heading west from the East Coast. You are in the right place. Portland has long been considered one of the nation’s top ten livable cities.

Currently, the Portland Metro area is a leader in it’s usage of sustainable building practices in many condo projects That’s just for starters. If you can name it, you’ll find it here or there but not very far from your reach.

If you’re not familiar with the lay of the land, moving to Portland should be considered an adventure. Where else can you see century old historic properties FOR SALE in the Laurelhurst neighborhood, for example.

The Portland Metro real estate area is divided into five rich and diverse neighborhoods of NE Portland, NW Portland, SE Portland, SW Portland and N Portland.

Finding out about the areas is something I help my clients with.

There is sure to be a place you can call home in a Portland Neighborhood that you like. From the urban areas of NW (The Pearl District, The Alphabet Blocks) to the SW suburbs, I know the neighbors and have assisted many buyers with their relocation move.

For an in-depth consultation about your plans to relocate to Portland, please feel free to contact me.

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Cost of Commute

One very important item for folks moving to Portland is their cost of commuting. I have lived here long enough, after my move from Los Angeles, to know the various traffic patterns and what gets clog up during our rush hours.

Moving to Portland is one thing. Moving to Portland knowing where the traffic patterns are, ask me!!

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Buyers Agent Portland, LLC is an Exclusive Buyer Agency serving the Portland Metro real estate market since 1999.  The brokerage only represents Home Buyers and never home sellers. If you’re looking for a home anywhere in the Portland Metro area, there is no better representation than an Exclusive Buyers Agent.  We assist investors, folks relocating to Portland area, those moving to Portland in-state, home buyers who are looking to down-size or move-up and of course . . . love working with first-time buyers.  I help Buyers in the Portland Metro market find exactly what they need in the Tri-County markets of Clackamas County, Multnomah County and Washington County, as well Portland cities including but not limited to:

When you’re ready, talk to an Exclusive Buyers Agent.

Exclusive Buyers Agents do not work at real estate brokerages that take listings!

An EBA’s fiduciary duty is: 100% BUYER REPRESENTATION . . . 100% of the Time.

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