How Can I Find a Good Home Inspector?

Portland Real Estate Questions:

How Can I Find a Good Home Inspector?

One of the most important aspects of purchasing a home in Portland is finding a Portland home inspector to perform a thorough home inspection.
Although the Sales Agreement* in our local market contains an “As Is” clause, this does NOT prevent buyers from conducting due diligence.

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What Do Buyers Know About a Good Home Inspector in Portland?

Unfortunately, most home buyers in Portland who are looking for a good home inspector, do not know the following:

  • Where to find a good home inspector
  • What to expect from a home inspector
  • What the home inspection process is all about
  • What a home inspection covers and DOES NOT cover
  • How does the home inspector deliver the information
  • How is the information provided by the home inspector used by the Realtor®

In a recent home inspection, I witnessed a home inspector making “what if” statements about functioning equipment, not thoroughly inspecting major components of the home, not documenting obvious conditions that needed repair, not fully documenting conditions verbally mentioned to the buyers, making exorbitant claims about what the seller “needs to repair” for the buyers (which seems to cross over into negotiations/practicing real estate without a license,) and quoting exorbitantly high (IMHO) repair costs/costs to fix.

Selecting THE WRONG HOME INSPECTOR can cost you the house . . .

. . . AND the expenses of the home inspection

  • Home inspectors SHOULD NOT be hired to negotiate repairs
  • Home inspectors SHOULD be hired to inspect the property UNBIASED and OBJECTIVELY

When hiring a home inspector THE BEST ANSWER TO THE QUESTION: HOW CAN I FIND A GOOD HOME INSPECTOR is to ask your Realtor® for referrals.

I supply two or three names of competent home inspectors in the Portland Metro area.

The following is a quote from a good home inspector who knows how to do his job and refrains from the alarmist behavior:

“The other side of the coin is the buyer that “wants me to find every little thing and make a big deal out of it” so that they can grind the seller on price. My usual response is that “I’m just here to observe and report.” I don’t have a dog in this fight and I don’t care who wins. Not my job, man! Being professional, friendly and informative is my job.” Dana Bostwick True Professionals, Inc.

There are a few home inspectors I’ve run into recently that have killed the deal and cost the buyer a lot of money because of the above-type of “home inspection.” The home inspector is not privy to the negotiations and can not negotiate repairs. The Sellers may be very unwilling to have the home inspector try to grind them.

If you want to know how to find a GOOD HOME INSPECTOR in the Portland Metro real estate market — ASK YOUR AGENT!!

  • If you don’t trust your agent to supply you with quality referrals to home inspectors, than WHY are you working with them?!?
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The Truth About Finding a Good Home Inspector

Your Uncle Joe might be a great handyman. Your Mother’s ex-husband (who was a licensed electrician) might know a few things about electrical . . . Unfortunately, they are not licensed, bonded and insured home inspectors!

Repair negotiations are a lot stronger when having a good home inspector in the Portland area perform the inspection. Their report is crucial because it documents the findings. Uncle Joe’s notes on what he found . . . meh . . . not a strong negotiating tool. While Uncle might save a Buyer the costs of a home inspection . . . in the long run, it will do nothing to save the Buyer from buying a house they might not have.

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*Please consult with a Realtor® in your area for local standards of practice.

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