What’s in Store for Portland Metro Buyers in 2013?

The Portland Metro MarketWhat’s in Store for Portland Metro Buyers in 2013?

There is no crystal ball in real estate.  As a local, practicing Exclusive Buyers Agent in the Portland Metro area I do not predict markets.  I deal in the here and now.  Markets change and they can change at a snail’s pace, or rather rapidly.  Toss in to the mix the various, distinct and varied locations, areas, neighborhoods and while one local market might be moving briskly, another type of market may be languishing.

Example:  Right now the Luxury Home Market of Portland Metro is a BUYERS’ MARKET.   However, the overall trend in the Portland Metro market place tends to favor a Sellers’ Market.

My experience has included representing buyers in ALL different types of markets:

  • The stable markets
  • The Buyers’ markets
  • The Boom markets
  • The Bust markets
  • The Sellers’ markets

In ALL markets, my consultation, advice and real estate services are relevant to the CURRENT MARKET at the time.

Do Markets Change and How Does That Affect Portland Metro Buyers?

Do Markets Change:  YES!

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How does that affect Portland Metro Buyers?

Market trends are important to Portland Metro Buyers when making the large financial decision to purchase a home.  In play are a myriad of things:

  • Current interest rates
  • Market traffic
  • Inventory
  • Condition of properties
  • Ability to finance

Buyers may not like what I have to tell them, but I don’t sugar coat.  Never have, never will.  As we all know, time waits for no one.   This is true in real estate, which is one of the reasons real estate is known as a “Time is of the Esssence” business.

Of the trends I am seeing, inventory has been low in the Portland Metro area for over a year.  Actually, I noticed the trend back in October 2011.  I’m not making it up, please see . . .

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When we are seeing a trend of low inventory, Buyers need to be aware and work the market accordingly.  When consulting with Buyers, I take in to account the CURRENT MARKET.  Not what’s has happened, even six months ago, the market was different.  The first of 2012 was SLOW, then it picked up considerably during March – September.  Then is slacked off for a few months, but by year’s end (2012) properties that were sitting on the market for months and months were SELLING.

Could You Be Priced Out of the Housing Market in 2013?

This was a recent article I read on MSN:  Could You Be Priced Out of the Housing Market in 2013?

The article is about what is going on, overall, in the nation.

For Buyers:

  • Looking for property may not be slim pickings . . . but the level of condition, price and location will mean COMPETITION
  • The more “wants / needs” (criteria) you have, the less inventory there will be.

For Sellers:

  • Perhaps it’s time to put your property on the market. If you have a property in good condition, good location and price it right . . . it will sell!
  • Serious Buyers ARE OUT THERE!!

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